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Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 2

segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 2

Na coluna da semana passada, apresentamos uma breve definição e classificação dos phrasal verbs.

A partir de hoje, apresentaremos alguns exemplos de phrasal verbs que permeiam a linguagem jurídica em inglês. Os exemplos foram retirados do COCA e as traduções oferecidas conforme o contexto apresentado.

1) account for - "Their actions make headlines, but account for a minority of problems with jury trials." Tradução: representar

2) adhere to - "Parties who fail to adhere to agreements or preservation orders from the court may be subject to sanctions for spoliation of evidence that include adverse inferences to a jury, criminal charges against parties and professional sanctions against attorneys." Tradução: aderir a

3) back up - "Physicians also would have an authoritative source to back up their medical judgments, establishing clear standards of care and protecting them from liability." Tradução: fundamentar

4) break into - "In September, Simpson was charged with three other men for breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room and holding two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a dispute over items Simpson claims were stolen from him." Tradução: arrombar

5) break out - "Hughes says one reason he hired a forensic expert was that he could see an ugly fight breaking out, and he could see costs getting out of control." Tradução: desencadear, iniciar

6) bring up - "Guttersniping is becoming more common in the civil arena, too, some say, when divorce lawyers intimate a parent is promiscuous or bring up a long-forgotten episode of adultery as a chip in a custody battle, or when tort lawyers routinely inquire about mental health counseling." Tradução: trazer à tona

7) carry out - "Costs will be less significant for companies which are already carrying out environmental audits on a voluntary basis." Tradução: realizar

8) cash in - "Lawyers who cash in on media deals for their clients' stories may wish they'd kept their mouths shut." Tradução: encher o bolso, fatura

9) come across - "To get the job, you need to come across as committed to the practice of law." Tradução: dar a impressão de ser

10) come to - "It takes too long after an arrest, say critics, to be charged with a crime; too long to be appointed a lawyer; too long for a case to come to trial; and too long to be convicted or exonerated." Tradução: ir a [julgamento]


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