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As colocações de judgment - Parte 5

segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

As colocações de judgment - Parte 5

Abaixo apresentamos as últimas colocações de judgment. As mais de cinquenta colocações apresentadas ao logo das últimas semanas foram encontradas por meio de pesquisa em corpora eletrônicos, a partir dos quais é possível obter informações linguísticas e de uso em mais quantidade e qualidade que as oferecidas nas tradicionais obras terminográficas.

41. judgment of nonsuit - (ver judgment of dismissal)

42. judgment of nolle prosequi - "The State moved for a judgment of nolle prosequi based upon Gerry's agreement to perform community service as part of a pre-trial diversion program."1 Tradução: sentença de desistência da ação pelo autor

43. judgment on the merits - "The [res judicata] rule provides that when a court of competent jurisdiction has entered a final judgment on the merits of a cause of action, the parties to the suit and their privies are bound "not only as to every matter which was offered and received to sustain or defeat the claim or demand, but as to any other admissible matter which might have been offered for that purpose." A final judgment on the merits bars further claims by the same parties based on the same cause of action."2 Tradução: sentença de mérito

44. judgment on the pleadings (ver summary judgment)

45. judgment on the verdict - "When the general verdict and the answers are consistent, the court must approve an appropriate judgment on the verdict and answers."3 Tradução: sentença com base no veredito dado pelo júri

46. judgment quasi in rem - "Judgments in rem are those that determine ownership of property. A judgment in a "true" in rem action determines the claimant's ownership against all the world, such as in an action to obtain title registration to real property. A judgment quasi in rem determines interests in property as between named parties, such as in a mortgage foreclosure."4 Tradução: sentença que estabelece direito real com efeito inter partes

47. money judgment - "State law protects some property from the reach of the judgment creditor seeking to enforce a money judgment. Property so protected is known as exempt property."5 Tradução: sentença pecuniária

48. personal judgment (ou in personam judgment, judgment in personam, judgment inter partes) - "Judgments in personam are those that determine the rights and duties of the parties with respect to the matter in issue. An ordinary case in tort or contract seeking damages is such an action in personam."6 Tradução: sentença inter partes

49. simulated judgment - "Simulated judgment. One which is apparently rendered in good faith, upon an actual debt, and intended to be collected by the usual process of law, but which in reality is entered by the fraudulent contrivance of the parties, for the purpose of giving one of them an advantage to which he is not entitled, or defrauding or delaying third persons."7 Tradução: fraude processual (Não confundir com julgamento simulado, cuja tradução é mock trial)

50. summary judgment - "A request for summary judgment means a judge hearing a case is being asked to rule on it directly because the facts are indisputable, negating the need for a jury trial." Tradução: julgamento sumário

51. take nothing judgment - "The Texas Court of Appeals ruled a trial court did not err in entering a take nothing judgment following a jury trial in a medical malpractice action brought by a patient and her husband against a hospital. The evidence was sufficient to support the jury finding that the hospital was not negligent."8 Tradução: sentença em favor do réu, sentença absolutória

52. valid judgment - "Subject-matter jurisdiction, personal or territorial jurisdiction, and adequate notice are the three most fundamental constitutional requirements for a valid judgment."9 Tradução: sentença válida, sentença exequível

53. void judgment - "Generally, a judgment is not void merely because it is erroneous, it is void only if the court that entered it lacked jurisdiction of the subject matter, or of the parties, or if it acted in a manner inconsistent with the due process of law. Plogger v. IMC Mortg. Co. (In re Plogger), 240 Bankr. 243 (W.D. Va. 1999.)"10 Tradução: sentença nula

54. voidable judgment - "One example of a voidable judgment of conviction, given by the Court, is: 'Where the convicted defendant was not represented by counsel at the trial or plea of guilty that resulted in the judgment of conviction.'"11 Tradução: sentença anulável


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