Artigo - Aplicação do artigo 223-g da CLT - arbitramento da reparação por danos morais - constitucionalidade ou inconstitucionalidade

Thomas Coello

"International Law Commission ('I.L.C.')'s Articles on State Responsibility provides that a State must make full reparation for any 'injury' caused to another State by an internationally wrongful act and defines 'injury' as 'any damage, whether material or moral, caused by the internationally wrongful act of a State' (Migalhas 4.630 – 26/6/19 – Reparação – Danos morais). Until very recently, the issue of moral damages had arisen in only a handful of investor-State disputes. However, in 2008 and 2009 alone no less than five arbitration awards discussed the issue. In one such case, Desert Line Projects LLC v. Yemen the Arbitral tribunal awarded an amount of US$1 million in compensation to a corporation."

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