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Na China com o Presidente

MIMIC 2004 é tema de matéria do site da Globond

segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2004


MiMIC 2004





Globond, uma organização internacional para executivos, publica hoje em seu site uma matéria sobre a viagem à China,organizada por Migalhas. Veja abaixo:





Trip to China with Brazil President Lula


NYC Globonder Michael Ghilissen is leading a trip to China for Migalhas and Migalhas International, two legal and business newsletters published in Brazil, and distributed daily to over 70.000 lawyers and business people.


They have organized a mission to China at the end of May 2004, know as the Migalhas Mission to China, or MIMIC 2004.


They will joint the business delegation of the official Brazilian mission of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Peking (May 23 to 25) and Shanghai (May 25 to 27).


They wish to capture the momentum created when President Lula visits China to have access to all organizations at the highest possible level in cooperation with the Brazilian Ministry of Public Relations. They will also have presentations from western law firms already established and licensed to practice in China.


Michael Ghiliseen says "With its rapid economic growth recently facilitated by new legal and regulatory frameworks that encourage investment, China offers unprecedented opportunities although certain fundamental, economic, political, and social challenges remain."


"The purpose of this private initiative is to prospect and establish contacts with official Chinese trade and professional organizations, understand the legal and business institutions and environment in China, evaluate possible investments and joint ventures with businesses and services firms in China," he adds.


Forty law firms have responded enthusiastically to their proposal and Michael and company look forward to offering them this exceptional opportunity to be the first to plan their Chinese expansion early.


They will gauge the vast potential for work in foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and securities, intellectual property, contracts, commercial arbitration and litigation.


If any Globonders want to know more about this trip or contact Michael, please write to Kirstin Meyers at kirstin@globond.com.



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